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    Rimag’s benefits’ of use for the Authors:

    Through user’s (author) signing up in Rimag, it is possible to send the authors’ articles to various Iranian scientific journals. In other words, due to the integrity of this system and the properties of the “Integrated Login”, it is feasible to send an article to the available publications in Rimag using a user code and there is no need to register for each of them.

    A list of most outlandish Rimag’s Benefits to the authors
    • •The possibility to retrieve the article before starting the reviewing process
    • •The possibility of the final review, the approval or the request for the final corrections of the article by the author
    • •Rimag publications will be indexed in Islamic World Science Citation Center (ISC) and the Regional Information Center for Science and Technology (RICeST).
    • •Fast and achievable processes of electronic printing and publishing in Rimag
    • •Free access to Rimag open access publications
    • •Monitoring the articles’ status in ‘author profile panel’.
    • •Accepted articles will automatically receive DOR (Digital Object Recognizer).