For Author

    1- The Benefits of Using Rimag for Authors
    • •It is possible for the author to upload articles in all scientific journals of the country available in the system only by registering in the Rimag system once.
    • •By registering the user as an author in the Rimag system, and receiving the special Rimag code, it is possible to send the author's articles in various scientific journals of the country. In other words, due to the integrity of the system and the integrated login feature in it, with a user code, it is possible to send an article to the publications in Rimag and there is no need to register for each publication.
    • •Rimag publications are indexed in the Islamic World Science Citation Database (ISC) and the regional center.
    • •The process of electronic printing and publishing of publications in Rimag is fast.
    • •There is free access to Rimag open access publications.
    2-Explanation about the process of submitting articles and judgments in the Rimag system

    After registering in the Rimag system, the author selects the desired publication to submit his article. Then, he enters the bibliographic details of the journal and, if he wishes, introduces the proposed referee. Finally, it loads the article files. The journal expert reviews the submitted article and if it is complete, sends the article to the editor of the journal for review. Using the judges' bank, the editor sends the article to several judges for judging and informs the author about the result of the judging (rejection or acceptance).

    The purpose and scope of the journal Submit Paper