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    1 -Introduction to Rimag system as well as thematic coverage of Rimag publications

    Rimag is the first comprehensive system of scientific journals in the country that covers all the processes related to journals (from the submission of an article by the author to the publication of the journal) in a centralized manner. Rimag covers all scientific journals in the country in various fields such as engineering, medical sciences, basic sciences, humanities, agriculture, natural and veterinary resources, art and architecture with scientific research, extension and specialized credentials.

    2 -Tasks related to editors

    The editor is the main editor of a publication. Oversees all review processes of articles and matters related to editorial and editorial board. In other words, the editor has created the article file and uses the jury bank to select several referees for the article. In other words, the editor has full control over the process of referring articles to the referee.

    3 -How to correspond and offer suggestions to Rimag

    To improve the processes, Raimg management welcomes any suggestions. Suggestions will be available via Rimag manager via e-mail rimag@ricest.ac.ir.

    Editor System Guide

    • 1 - Articles statistics

      In this section, you can see the general statistics of the number of received articles, the status of judging, the number of published articles, etc.

    • 2 - Cardboard

      First, the articles approved by the expert are displayed in this section. At this stage, the editor determines whether the article is related to the subject of the publication or not. If the article is not accepted, it will be rejected and Authors will be notified.

    • 3 - Arbitration case

      An article that is confirmed to be relevant will be taken to the "Refereeing" menu. Payments: If a fee must be paid by the authors before judging, when the editor has linked the article to the subject of the publication The initial payment page will open for the author. After the author pays and the expert approves, the payment tick will be green and the editor can continue working. Referee: To send the article to the judges by entering this page ¬You can see the list of judges. When an article is submitted to the referee for the first time, it is sent through the "initial referee" (No. 1 - Figure below), but if it is sent to the same referee for the second time (for example) After making corrections, it will be sent through "Re-arbitration" (No. 2 - Figure below). Like 1/2 means that out of the two referees that have been sent, one referee has answered, which you can see the details on the referee file page. Corrections: If the editor has referred an article to the author for corrections, in this section he can see the new files sent by the author..

    • 4 - Articles waiting to be judged

      A list of articles previously submitted for review is displayed, which can be resent as a reminder if needed.

    • 5 - Returned articles from the editorial board

      If the article is returned from the editorial board, it can be seen in this menu. Note that the article returned to the editor will be sent directly to the editor after re-approval by the editor and will not be resubmitted to the editorial board.

    • 6 - Reports

      You can see all the information related to the article file.