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More info about Rimag

Raymag is the integrated system of scientific journals of the country with the management of publications. In other words, all the processes of receiving, evaluating and judging, editing, layout and electronic publication of scientific journals are carried out in this system. This system is designed and implemented to optimally manage scientific journals. The system is designed and implemented using open source software based on internationally accredited publications. The most important feature of this system is the design of publications in three languages: Persian, English and Arabic. Raymag is the country's first comprehensive system of scientific journals It covers all the processes associated with the publication (from author submission to publication) in a centralized manner. Raymag was created on the basis of a Memorandum of Understanding between the Regional Center for Information Science and Technology and the Institute for Information and Communication Technology at the University Jihad.

Publications covered by Rimag

Rimag, all publications Scientific in different fields such as Includes technical engineering, medical sciences, basic sciences, humanities, agriculture, natural and veterinary resources, art and architecture. In the Raymag system, there are publications with scientific research credentials, promotional credentials, and specialized credentials.

Mission Statement

Raimag's goals are to create an integrated platform to improve all existing processes He pointed to the publication of scientific journals from one article to the publication of a journal. Rimg analyzes the process of publishing scientific journals in the country. And it helps the authorities to understand the issues and apply the policies to improve the quality and quantity of scientific publications in the country. In the Raymag system, there are publications with scientific, research, promotional and specialized credentials.

Some features of Remake

  • • The ability to integrate authors into the system and submit articles to various journals with a user code
  • Features and general features of website design in three languages: Persian, English and Arabic
  • • System reporting based on various variables
  • • Electronic publication of publications
  • • Automatically record all articles and events related to articles and create arbitration and correction files for each article
  • • Automatically send emails after each referral
  • • Provide a list of articles published and published in various journals
  • • Simple and advanced search for published articles
  • • RSS and XML output of published articles
  • • Easy access to articles by journal number and edition and by defined topics
  • • Creating a database of authors and articles
  • • Ability to index and display abstracts and full texts of magazines
  • • Automatic archiving of previous issues of the journal
  • • Introducing published articles related to the subject of new articles as a source to enhance the impact factor of the journal
  • • Profile at ISC
  • • Ability to receive data in standard formats

Rimag Future Apps

  • • Providing high quality free access book publishing to promote the exchange of ideas and knowledge across all disciplines
  • • Providing ISO in common formats for fast data transfer between different systems